100% individual

No matter if you are just starting out or already realised first projects. Wether you are looking to improve your technical skills or artistic capabilities. Your mentoring will be unique to you.


This is not a group-size class. This mentoring will be custom-tailored to your needs in our weekly sessions via phone or video call.

Interactive & online

You will have exclusive access to your personal mentoring, including weekly tasks and success tracking, from your smartphone and desktop.

Become a filmmaker

"Even with my 5 years experience in photography, Tobi was able to teach me more about filmmaking than I could have learned on my own in the same time."

Hannes Becker, Landscape photographer

Fully customized to your needs.

Together we adjust your personal roadmap week over week.

Learn all about Camera

What gear to choose for your project? What is camera movement and what feelings does it transport? Which lenses should you choose and why? How should you rig your camera and do you even need it? Here you can learn it all.

Learn Color Grading

Good color grading serves the story and not the ego. Break free from social media teal & orange trends and choose the look that fits your project. Learn how to use the tools and when to use LUTs.

Learn Editing

"Good editing is invisible." Learn how to edit beyond cheap transition templates. Give your films the editing they deserve and unleash the full storytelling potential through smart and decisive editing.

Limited spots available.


Focus: Client acquisition, pitching projects, storytelling

Opinion: "Tobi opened my eyes in regards of client handling and filmmaking. He took me from not knowing what to do, to pursuing my dream of living a filmmakers life."

Time in mentoring: 3 months


Focus: Creative direction, concepting, storytelling

Opinion: "Besides learning how to choose a camera movement that fits the scene and the story, Tobi fundamentally changed the way I approach a new project."

Time in mentoring: 2 months

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